Environmental Impact

We presently have a small fleet of only four coaches. Our water usage at the present moment is minimal. Presentation of our coaches is paramount, which is why all our vehicles are cleaned with environmentally approved products. With the future expansion of the business, North Dorset Travel look forward to implementing water recycling methods. Our depot has been installed with low voltage, energy efficient lighting both in the offices and out in our yard.

Running a fleet of coaches has an impact on the CO2 output that our company produces, which is why all our vehicles currently have Euro 5 engines, reducing emissions using Adblue Additives. We have been running Euro 5 engines for a number of years, however as our fleet is upgraded, we will ensure that new vehicles run the latest Euro 6 technology. We believe buying new coaches is one of the best ways to reduce our carbon footprint as well as providing the best vehicles and technology for our passengers. When we order a new vehicle we make sure it has the most up to date engine technology. Reducing our carbon footprint means a lot to us.

In recent months we have installed tracking devices on all of our vehicles. This allows us to monitor our drivers’ behaviour and encourages smooth, efficient driving and less engine idling time. We are seeing a significant improvement across the fleet.